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VRFolio explores all aspects of an artwork, from back to front: verso/recto. Likewise, our fine art education studio supports collectors and trade professionals in all aspects of the art market. VRFolio was founded with the mission to tell a history of contemporary art by helping collectors, private dealers, foundations and auctioneers discover the best examples of art from the best artists. Our advisors guides collections based on the educational goals of collectors.

Contact an advisor at for a free consultation about how we can assist building a comprehensive program for your gallery or collection.

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Art that Creates Inclusive  Conversations

Good art develops perspectives

by promoting informative conversations and inclusive debate. An implication of virtual storytelling with art means that ideas can travel through visual, auditory and sensory experiences that contextualize dialogues. 

Art that Interacts with its  Environment 

Good art creates a cultural perspective that translates across geographic borders and languages.  Art no longer needs to be on a piece of paper or compact enough to fit on an airplane in order for its ideas to travel. VR Folio is a virtual art gallery that uses technology to unpack the story of artworks that interact with a Global environment.

Art Encourages  Stakeholders to Act

Good art encourages its audience to adapt its ideas by promoting effectual solutions to experienced problems. Instead of a sterile experience with art, VR Folio allows viewers to explore artworks through sensory, cultural and academic contexts. 

Virtual Exhibits & Dossiers

VRFolio develops engaging online shows that broadens art's exposure, regardless of the physical location of artworks and audiences. Rather than emphasizing purely academic narratives, our exhibits are designed to inspire meditative questions that connect periods of art. Medieval iconography is relevant to contemporary artworks.

Collection Management

We are experienced with the unusual materials of contemporary art, including bubble gum, light-sensitive pigments, chocolates, and bodily fluids; but, we also help collectors care for more traditional art media, such as paper, steel, and paint. Studied in methods of cataloging large collections of fine art, we monitor artworks with detailed condition reporting and appraisals. Our connections with conservators provide a path forward when challenging condition issues arise, but we encourage preventative care with archival techniques.

Appraisal & Valuation Services

We have talked with hundreds of collectors and their relatives about important objects, and we’ve helped establish markets for unknown talent. Appraisals can be complex documents to understand, but we’re known for our ability to speak to an artworks’ value with clarity. Our appraisals are founded on impartial research from across the art market, which isolates an artwork’s most important attributes for precise valuations.

VRFolio specializes in Post World War II and Contemporary Art appraisals.

Acquisition and Deaccession

Creating a solid collection focus strengthens a collector’s connoisseurship, minimizes financial risks, and engages a collector in an academic community. Instead of relying on momentary trends, a stable acquisition plan allows a collector to craft a narrative arc while still experimenting with new and future contemporary art. 


Tyler E. Rutledge founded VRFolio in 2015. His company provides collectors and dealers with resources to understand artwork from all angles: back to front, Verso to Recto. After attending Southern Methodist University, Tyler worked as an assistant registrar at Artemis Fine Art Services before moving to the Center for Creative Connections at the Dallas Museum of Art. Well-learned in materiality and art education, Mr. Rutledge then bought handbags at Neiman Marcus, where he perfected his registration practice with retail SKUs. Now based in New York City, Tyler refined his approach to cataloging and appraising fine art alongside private collectors and dealers.

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